Because we want the best for you we offer late morning brunch that allows you to have brunch while you wake-up late . having some extra hours to sleep in the morning will not prevent you from having breakfast here at Le Votre restaurant . We serve delicious dishes for brunch for you to […]

26 Jun

  Our main concern here at Le Votre  is to serve you the best food there is, that’s why we make sure to have the most experienced chefs who prepare gourmet , fresh and luxurious meals that meets your taste . We always  carefully choose fresh and ripe fruits & vegetables that are ready for […]

Le Votre restaurant always seeks serving you with the best of the best , It serves breakfast , lunch , dinner , coffee and drinks with the best quality to meet your expectations . We choose fresh , organic and ripe produce to prepare healthy , delicious food and appetizers for you , also we […]